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The PowerHouse Row groundbreaking event was held on August 1, 2018. Russel Allen and William Barker, the owners of this project, spoke to a crowd of over 40 town officials and key players in the project. 


The mayor, Vivian Jones, also spoke at the event. She mentioned the $25 million investment the town has made since 2003 and the continued investment of public and private individuals. She also said,  "The public investment and the private investment of businesses like Wake Forest Coffee Company, Over the Falls Deli, and White Street Brewing Company and the residential investment of Retreat at Renaissance and Franklin Street Towns has helped to create downtown as a destination for people in North Carolina and beyond.

Now, Powerhouse Row will serve as an impetus for additional investment both public and private. I will also say that I am personally pleased they chose the name Powerhouse Row as an acknowledgment of the importance electricity has been to our growth and quality of life. And, their project sits on the original site of Electric Motor shop which is one of our major long-time businesses still operated by the Wright family.”


Overall the event was a huge success. Catering was provided by local companies Black & White Coffee Roasters and Strong Arm Baking. 


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